Ancestral Sources by Nick Walker is a follow-up to the popular Gedcom Census utility. It allows the rapid entry of the most commonly used genealogical source information.

Ancestral Sources is designed to be used alongside the top-rated Family Historian application by Calico Pie Software.

The current version supports the entry of census, marriage, baptism, death and burial/cremation information. Future versions will allow entry of other source information such as births.

In this version, census, marriage, burial/cremation, death and baptism entries can be rapidly entered into Ancestral Sources which automatically adds GEDCOM census, marriage, death, burial and baptism events, occupations, births, and other facts linked to a source record for every individual involved. Images can also be linked with ease.

Find out more about Ancestral Sources at the Family Historian User Group website.

Ancestral Sources v4.5.0 was released on 24th December 2014. Read more about Ancestral Sources on the Family Historian User Group Knowledge Base wiki. The download is also available on that site: Ancestral Sources Download

A complete list of all the new features in this version can be seen on the Version History page